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[Dynamic Port] Free Download CCNA Security Videos Bundle updated [2017] - Part 2

Dynamic port security is incredible however shouldn't something be said about when you interface changes to switches or different gadgets that should be secured in an approach to counteract unapproved gadget swapping in the system. For instance you have a little site area with a 1841 switch and a 3560-8pc switch and an end client gets the splendid thought to swap the 1841 with a WRT54G on the grounds that he needs remote and wired system availability. 

For this situation you can sticky the port that the wan switch is associated with forestalling unapproved gadget swaps like such. 

There are two approaches to arrange a sticky port. The main way being that you arrange a static MAC address while designing port-security on a particular interface. The following way which is more helpful is to arrange a "Sticky" MAC address and leave the maximum MAC delivers to its default estimation of one. At the point when port-security is arranged along these lines, the principal MAC address learned on the switch port will be naturally statically designed into the running-setup as though you physically determined the MAC address.

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Security Video part 2

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