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10 - Azure Websites Resource Groups and Hosting Plans

This theme demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to move assets to either another membership or another asset aggregate in a similar membership. You can utilize the gateway, PowerShell, Azure CLI, or the REST API to move asset. The move operations in this theme are accessible to you with no help from Azure help.

While moving assets, both the source gathering and the objective gathering are bolted amid the operation. Compose and erase operations are obstructed on the asset bunches until the point when the move finishes. This bolt implies you can't include, refresh, or erase assets in the asset gatherings, yet it doesn't mean the assets are solidified. For instance, in the event that you move a SQL Server and its database to another asset gathering, an application that uses the database encounters no downtime. It can at present read and keep in touch with the database.

You can't change the area of the asset. Moving an asset just moves it to another asset gathering. The new asset gathering may have an alternate area, however that does not change the area of the asset.

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