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05 - Azure Websites Site Settings

Windows Azure Web Sites has a convenient capacity whereby designers can store enter esteem string sets in Azure as a feature of the setup data related with a site. At runtime, Windows Azure Web Sites consequently recovers these qualities for you and makes them accessible to code running in your site. Designers can store plain vanilla key-esteem combines and additionally key-esteem matches that will be utilized as association strings. Since the key-esteem sets are put away in the background in the Windows Azure Web Sites arrangement store, the key-esteem sets don't should be put away in the document substance of your web application. From a security point of view that is a pleasant side advantage since touchy data, for example, Sql association strings with passwords never appear as cleartext in a web.config or php.ini record. You can enter key-esteem sets from "Arrange" tab for your site in the Azure gateway. The screenshot beneath demonstrates the two places on this tab where you can enter keys and related esteems:


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