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VMWARE video tutorials Bundle (All in one pack) - Free [2017]

Free Vmware Vsphere training(vmware 5 and 5.5) link given below. Follow the same. Each and every chapter is clearly described by Train Signal.
Practical video is also too good.
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Lesson 01 Getting Started with VMware vSphere Training Course

Lesson 02 Lab Setup VMware vSphere

Lesson 03 Course Scenario VMware vSphere

Lesson 04 Overview of VMware vSphere

Lesson 05 Installing VMware ESXi  VMware vSphere

Lesson 06 Installing vCenter  VMware vSphere
Lesson 07 Installing vCenter  as a Linux Appliance vCSA- VMware vSphere  

Lesson 08 Using the vSphere  Web Client- VMware vSphere  

Lesson 09 What's New in vSphere -VMware vSphere

Lesson 10 Navigating vSphere Using the vSphere Client-VMware vSphere  

Lesson 11 vCenter  Configuring Your New Virtual Infrastructure- vmware vsphere

Lesson 12 Creating and Modifying Virtual Guest Machines- vmware vsphere

Lesson 13 Installing and Configuring VMware Tools -vmware vsphere

Lesson 14 Understanding and Using Tasks, Events, and Alarms -vmware vsphere

Lesson 15 Virtual Storage 101 and Storage Terminology -vmware vsphere
Lesson 16 vSphere Storage Appliance VSA -vmware vsphere

Lesson 17 Creating a Free iSCSI SAN with OpenFiler -vmware vsphere

Lesson 18 Administering VMware ESXi Server Security -vmware vsphere

Lesson 19 vSphere Virtual Networking -vmware vsphere

Lesson 20 Using the vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch dvswitch -vmware vsphere

Lesson 21 Moving Virtual Machines with vMotion- vmware vsphere

Lesson 22 Moving Virtual Storage with svMotion- vmware vsphere
Lesson 23 Performance Optimization with Distributed Resource Scheduler DRS- vmware vsphere

Lesson 24 Implementing High Availability with VMware HA VMHA- vmware vsphere

Lesson 25 Super High Availability with VMware Fault Tolerance FT- vmware vsphere

Lesson 26 Upgrading from VMware vSphere 4 to vSphere 5- vmware vsphere

Lesson 27 vSphere Command Line Interface CLI Options -vmware vsphere
Lesson 28 vSphere Auto Deploy- vmware vsphere

Lesson 29 Storage DRS- vmware vsphere

Lesson 30 Policy driven Storage - vmware vsphere
Lesson 31 Understanding the New vSphere  vRAM Pooled Pricing -vmware vsphere

Lesson 32 Network IO Control NIOC- vmware vsphere

Lesson 33 Storage IO Control SIOC -vmware vsphere
Lesson 34 ESXi Firewall- vmware vsphere

Lesson 35 VMware Data Recovery VDR 2- vmware vsphere

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