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How to Mirror Active Directory Members to another user (DL PULL Tool)

Mirroring AD membership :

On boarding the user is the most easiest thing in IT Industry. As a IT Admin we just create an AD account and Mailbox if needed rest of the things will be processed by HR Perspective.

Another frustrated thing is Mirroring user's access to another user, for this process usually we are doing this manually by opening all the groups of particualr user and need to add manually.

So I have developed a tool called "DL PULL". This tool will help you to pull all the groups of particular user and all you need to do is just copy paste the groups from excel sheet to members tab of user in AD.

I have uploaded the Tool and provided you a download link. It is developed in VBScript and for some security reasons i have not included the source code here. If any one needed the source code just comment below your email ID we will send you a source code "VBS" file.

Thank you :) share it maximum

Download Link is here...

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