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[Credit Card Tricks] How to withdraw money from credit card without interest

Every one having credit card now a days but the main issue is we can't directly withdraw amount from ATM Machine using credit cards.
If we do so we will have to pay bulk of interest to Bank which is really foolishness

Here is the way to get cash from credit card with out interest


  • Paytm app (Bank account must added)
  • Credit card(Any Bank)
  • The user must be registered with you mobile or E-mail for more than 45 days.

  • Just add money from your credit card to Paytm app. Seems every knows how to add money to Paytm
  • You can now transfer the wallet amount back to your bank
  • choose the option "send to bank"
  • Provide bank details - IFSC code and all required fields
Thats it...  Enjoy the Demonetization :P


4% of your total amount will be charged(Unless your KYC is approved).

But the Paytm Users who have done their KYC have to bear 1% ( reduced from 4% earlier).

>>>This is really small amount when we comparing to bank interests<<<

The daily limit to transfer money should be maximum of Rs. 5000 and monthly limit will be Rs. 25000.

Comment below if you have any issues...!!!