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How to use Google Maps Offline

How to use Google Maps Offline :

Google Maps offline is that you will have to use it online in order to store the required data first.

1. Open your Google Maps (while online) and search for your desired location.

2. Once you've found the location you want, the easiest way to save it for later is to go to the options menu by tapping the three lines (hamburger) icon and tapping offline areas. 

3. Next, tap the plus or add symbol in the bottom right of the screen and you will prompted with a message that says "download this area?"
4. Drag the map inside the square box until it encompasses the area you want a map of. Pinch to zoom (putting two fingers on the display and bringing them together) to close in on the area you want. Move your fingers in the opposite way to zoom out and encompass a larger area. 
5. Once you are happy with the map area, tap Download

6. You will be prompted to name your area. Do so in the box that appears.
7. Once you have downloaded the map to your device, you can access it by tapping the menu icon at the top left of the main Maps page and returning to Offline areas, where you should now see your downloaded area.

8.Download Google Maps For Android  Click Here.