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Restore deleted objects in Active Directory Using (Ldp.exe)

How to recover individual deleted objects in Active Directory with a help of Ldp.exe utility. In this recovery can be used when Active Directory Recycle Bin function is disable for some reason or AD scheme is lower than Windows 2008 R2.

1.Run Ldp.exe utility.

2.Select the Connect item in the Connection menu

3.Select Bind (Ctrl+b) in the Connection menu.
4.Enter the name and password of a domain administrator and domain name.It is neccessary to point out domain BaseDN in View - Tree (Ctrl+t) menu.
5.After that open CN=Deleted Objects,DC=domain,DC=com node. Find a deleted object by name. Select it:
6.Delete <<isDeleted>> attribute.
7.Then change DN (distinguishedName) (CN=new object name, OU = path) at the same window.

8.Press Run.

                                          Successfully Active Directory Objects Recovered.