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How to Stop itunes opening automatically on your compuer

iTunes automatically launch whenever you connect your iPhone or iPad to your windows computer or mac.It can be quite annoying, in case you are trying charge your device have nothing to do with iTunes.

Follow the steps below to stop iTunes automatically opening:

1.Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using USB cable.

2.You will see iTunes opening automatically in your computer.

3.After iTunes opens, click on the iPhone icon that will appear just below the iTunes top menu bar.

4.Clicking on the phone icon is required to reveal the iTunes setting menu in the left pane.

5.Next,Click on the summary tab in the iTunes settings menu.
6.On the right side, Scroll down to the options section and disable Automatically sync when iPhone is connected option by clicking on it to remove the check mark against the option.

Unchecking this option will prevent your iPhone from automatically syncing to iTunes and you will no longer see iTunes opening automatically.

Whenever yor connect your iPhone to your computer for charging.